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Name:Linda Burhans
Company:Linda's Caregiver Connections
Address:9209 Seminole Blvd #154
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-394-1718
Cell No:727-365-8383
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Linda Burhans
Meet Linda

Linda Burhans is a national speaker on Caregiver Advocacy and the author Good Night and God Bless, a heartfelt story about the joy and challenges of caring for a parent. 

As an expert in Caregiver Advocacy, Linda has facilitated over 600 support groups and workshops for caregivers.  She shares lessons learned and coping tools with thousands of caregivers who attend her events or read her work. Her weekly blogs provide expert guidance on resources and best practices for caregivers all over the United States.

Helping others achieve their greatest level of success has been a lifelong commitment for Linda.  After 30 years of developing and coaching other professionals in the corporate world, Linda turned her focus on assisting others to improve relationships in business.  She  created and launched networking organizations that gave professionals a place to identify their strengths, define their goals, and pursue the life they deserved with passion. 

A firm believer in the power of Gratitude , Linda developed her own brand of Appreciation Marketing.  She coached numerous Business Owners and Entrepreneurs to success through the practice of cultivating long term client relationships by developing sincere systems for demonstrating customer appreciation.  When her mother became ill, Linda took time from her business to be her mother’s caretaker. 

In her book, Good Night and God Bless, Linda welcomes readers to join her on her emotional, frustrating and sometimes rewarding journey  as caregiver to her beloved mother, Jo McCauley, during the final 18 months of her life. The book offers inspirational messages of unconditional love, loss, joy, sorrow, and a healthy dose of humor for those caring for aging parents. 

Linda describes those 18 months as the most rewarding and eye opening of her life.  She discovered that there were no centralized sources of information and support for caregivers, so she took on the challenge of becoming an expert on resources for caregivers.  She investigated different support agencies, benefits, and helpful organizations available locally and nationally. Armed with this knowledge, Linda set on a path to share these resources and provide support to caregivers everywhere.  She was subsequently appointed as the Caregiver Advocate for Harmony Health, a home healthcare service provider. In addition to her role at Harmony, Linda is an active and dynamic speaker, facilitator, and proponent for caregiver support.

She is forever awed by the strength, resilience, and commitment of the caregivers she meets, and seeks to remind them that they are not alone.  Help is available and it is okay to accept that help. Caregivers that seek to take on everything on their own often decline in health.  The most important thing she teaches is that caregivers need and deserve the time and space to take care of themselves.    

Whether you read the book or meet Linda in person, you will quickly realize that she truly lives by her mission: “To acknowledge, motivate, and appreciate all people and inspire others to do the same.”

Linda lives in Seminole, FL with her two  grandchildren and travels throughout the U.S. to speak to audiences, to share her story and support caregivers.  For more information about upcoming events, to purchase Good Night and God Bless, or to access helpful guidance for caretakers, please visit
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